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The Lunghealthcheck.com clinic is led by Drs Sam Hare (Consultant Cardiothoracic Radiologist) and Dean Creer (Consultant Respiratory Physician). Based at the Royal Free London NHS Trust, Drs Hare and Creer work collaboratively both in the NHS & private sector. They offer a unique combination of clinical & diagnostic expertise in a number of respiratory illnesses. Their pioneering work in the early diagnosis & treatment of lung cancer was published in the prestigious journal Thorax, official journal of the British Thoracic Society. They also developed national COVID-19 guidance which is being used throughout the world

Moreover, their lung cancer service has gained special recognition throughout the UK & Europe with the award of the first ever NHS Innovation Challenge Prize for Cancer Care. In particular their emphasis on unparalleled early diagnosis & improved patient experience has been highlighted.

This combination of clinical and radiological lung cancer risk assessment puts the Lunghealthcheck.com clinic at the forefront of early diagnosis of lung disease, including both early lung cancer detection and lung scarring.

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