Heart&Lung Health

Founded and managed by UK specialist Cardiothoracic Radiologists, we understand the importance of a bespoke subspecialist approach. Our vision is to deliver accurate and early diagnosis for lung & cardiac conditions, where early interventions are key.

Heart&Lung Health provides access to award-winning Cardiothoracic Radiologists with targeted expertise in diagnosis of lung and cardiac conditions. We use innovative technology to deliver rapid, reliable and uniquely subspecialist imaging reports that are focused on providing genuinely world class patient care.

Heart&Lung Health radiologists offer subspecialty chest expertise that is tailored to individual lung and cardiac conditions, thereby offering a bespoke, individualised diagnostic report for all cardiothoracic imaging.

Choose Heart&Lung Health

  • We only work with expert consultant cardiothoracic radiologists
  • Robust clinical governance with a fully audited service
  • Leading PACS technology and IT platforms
  • Responsive service to suit your needs
  • Simple imaging transfer and rapid reporting turnaround
  • Outstanding clinical leadership

Registered company details
Heart&Lung ImagingĀ® is a Limited Company, registered in England & Wales under company number 12641287

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