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Includes: Low dose CT scan, cutting-edge AI technology, respiratory consult to discuss results

Lung Cancer Specialists

Award-winning early diagnosis by expert consultant thoracic radiologists and cutting-edge AI technology

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COVID-19 Experts

Award-winning expertise in identifying and diagnosing complications of COVID-19 lung disease

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What Is Lung Cancer Screening?

At LungHealthCheck.com our award winning team of experts perform a comprehensive one-stop lung health check, including a low dose CT scan to detect signs of early lung cancer. We also routinely provide an analysis of the lungs with industry leading AI technology which can accurately measure any damage from other lung diseases such as ‘scarring’ from COVID-19 infection.

Our chest radiologists have extensive experience in achieving earlier lung cancer diagnosis with better patient experience. Their work was recognised with the inaugural NHS Innovation Challenge Prize for Cancer and the BMJ Cancer Care award.

Screening is looking for cancer before a person develops symptoms. This can help discover cancer at a very early stage when it may be much easier to treat & cure.

Lung cancer screening is not currently available for NHS patients but significantly has been approved for ‘at-risk’ patients in the USA. Private lung cancer screening with low radiation dose CT scans is however available in the UK.

Lung cancer typically presents with symptoms only after the disease has spread, making cure unlikely. It is the commonest cause of cancer mortality in the world, causing more deaths than breast, prostate and colon cancer combined. However, if caught early, lung cancer can be successfully treated and often cured.

A 2011 large U.S. research study, known as the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST), showed that patients diagnosed with lung cancer via screening had a higher survival rate, due to early diagnosis.

Screening can detect very small lung cancers at a far earlier stage than standard practice. Lung cancer screening was approved for ‘at-risk’ patients in the USA in 2015.

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